Chapter 1

An approach by geographic areas of the diffusion processes of managerial practices

Chapter 2

An approach by point of interest: technique, branch, sector, company

Chapter 3

Disseminators of doctrine, authors and tenets of management


The movements of the thought in the history of management

l’exemple du management scientifique au temps de la dissection du geste

  • Joan LE GOFF

    Maître de conférences, IRG, Université Paris-Est

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What are the movements of ideas that drive to the emergence of a management tool ? To what extent do management tools transmit the ideas of the period that created them ? These questions, illustrated here by an analysis of the coming into being of Scientific management, are answered by adopting a heterodox historic method, that supports a criticism of the practices of corporations. Finally, in spite of himself, Taylor gave us a tool the uses of which are influenced by the values and ideology it contains.

The full text in French is available here.