Chapter 1

An approach by geographic areas of the diffusion processes of managerial practices

Chapter 2

An approach by point of interest: technique, branch, sector, company

Chapter 3

Disseminators of doctrine, authors and tenets of management


International congresses on scientific management in the inter-war period

  • Thomas CAYET

    Chercheur post-doctorant au Centre d’études européennes de Sciences Po

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Following or reacting to the works of Frederick Winslow Taylor, quite a few businessmen, engineers, civil servants and union leaders organized specialized international meetings on the best way of modernizing the process of production. The analysis of these “International Congresses of Scientific Management” during the inter-war period has been largely neglected by researchers. However, the close study of their participants, and their discourses, emphasizes the international dimension to this pursuit of modernization. This text thus aims at showing how and why this unique space of international exchanges could be properly scrutinized.

The full text in French is available here.