Chapter 1

An approach by geographic areas of the diffusion processes of managerial practices

Chapter 2

An approach by point of interest: technique, branch, sector, company

Chapter 3

Disseminators of doctrine, authors and tenets of management


A Loose Managerial Conglomeration, Step by Step

  • Régis BOULAT

    Ingénieur de recherches, Université de Grenoble
  • Clotilde DRUELLE-KORN

    Maître de conférences, Université de Limoges
  • Béatrice TOUCHELAY

    Maître de conférences-HDR, Université de Paris 12 - UPEC

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The aim of this research is to clarify the conditions of emergence and the origins of management practices among a number of people and diverse organizations acting at the junction of the State and at the private sector, in France during the first part of the XXth C. Specifically, how a  “French way” of management has been framed by businessmen, government agencies, politicians, trade organizations?- Which German and American practices have been used as models? How private and public practices have been associated and combined?

Within this framework, the studies focused on Parisian, national level as well as regional levels (Limoges, Marseilles).

The full text in French is available here.