Chapter 1

An approach by geographic areas of the diffusion processes of managerial practices

Chapter 2

An approach by point of interest: technique, branch, sector, company

Chapter 3

Disseminators of doctrine, authors and tenets of management


Avoriaz: a laboratory of managerial innovations in the winter sports tourism field

  • Dominique PUTHOD

    Maître de conférences, IREGE, Université de Savoie

    Maître de conférences, IREGE, Université de Savoie

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The Avoriaz ski resort has celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2007. This ski resort ex nihilo constructed was one of the first models of integrated resorts and a pioneer in banishing cars from its village. Beyond this advance in sustainable tourism, Avoriaz has developed many innovations throughout its history, concerning its architecture, its marketing strategy, the pedagogy used for teaching ski or the place given to new sports practices (snowboard, freestyle ...). Avoriaz was thus a laboratory for management innovations in the winter sport industry and has inspired numerous French and foreigners competitors.

The full text in French is available here.